(Warning: rant ahead...)

Adulting. Yes, it's a word. At least it's becoming one much like "googling" or "tweeting". The first time I came across it was when my kid received a plaque that said "I'm too tired to adult today". Apparently if it is boring or doesn't have an element of fun in it, they don't want to do it.

The whole "Gen Y" thing or millennials and such are not learning how to be responsible and take being an adult seriously. Somehow somewhere getting a job and sticking with it is something that the more recent crop of humans is missing. Could it be the whole instant gratification of getting answers now with Google, getting messages now with texting and messaging, getting food now with fast food. Young people don't know how to wait. They don't know how to trudge through a less than fun occupation just because that's what adults do.

But this isn't a rant, really. I was just thinking about how hard being an adult is. Adults are people that do stuff without their mom or boss nagging at them. In a sense we become our own mom or boss. So, what are some ways we adult?

  • Adulting is doing that "boring" stuff like, hey, showing up for work on time and actually doing work!! 
  • Adulting is paying the bills on time or contacting the one you owe well in advance to make other arrangements for payment.
  • Adulting is when you get a second (or even third) job to make sure you have enough to pay those bills - by yourself. No asking mom or a friend for a loan to get you by. Have a little pride!
  • Adulting is taking responsibility for your actions like dropping a bottle of oil in the store. At least tell someone so it can be properly cleaned up and made safe for others in the store.
  • Adulting is making sure to get enough sleep so you can give your best on the job and your family.
  • An adult cleans up after themselves in the kitchen or other common areas of the house or office. It's a bonus if you actually keep your bedroom or office space clean as well.
  • Being an adult is realizing if you are overweight, your budget is non existent and your life is a mess, it's your own damn fault. No more blaming anyone else. No more, but my uncle molested me so I overeat. (Get therapy. Deal with the past but stop punishing your current self for something that is over with.)
  • No more I hate cleaning the kitchen because my mom treated me like her own personal Cinderella. Boo hoo. Maybe she was just trying to teach you how to be responsible?
  • No more I didn't get special things as a child so now that I have a job and credit cards I am spending like it's nobody's business.

Okay. So I just listed some things that pertain to being an adult that I feel I have mastered but there are some other things this sixty something woman still has to master that I think all adults must acquire to feel whole as a human.

  • Getting regular sensible movement. Some call it exercise. I can't; I am exercise-phobic. I cringe at the idea of exercising in the joggy, bikey, punishing work-out sense. But that doesn't mean I don't do some kind of beneficial movement (or at least I try to daily).
  • Saying no to that third piece of pie or finishing off that bag of chips. I mean, maybe your momma isn't standing there watching you but she had a reason to tell you not to spoil your supper. 
  • Making sure I get to bed early enough so that I can I wake up at 5 with no alarms!! Hey, it's a dream I have.
  • Really doing the SAVERS, not just talk about it.

Being an adult is taking full responsibility for your own life. It means expanding how your life affects others. Being thoughtful, mindful of each action you take.

And yes, I am talking to myself.

What does adulting mean to you?

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