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First things first. What is EPIC? Not only does the word epic have a meaning:

epic (adj.): someone of brave and noble character; imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary

That works nicely but as it turns out it fits nicely into the acronym EPIC. This won't be that last time you'll see the acronym EPIC but here is the first time I've defined it in a public way. EPIC stands for

  • Extraordinary
  • Passionate
  • Inspired
  • Creative

It is who and what I am becoming and here's hoping you'll begin to see yourself as extraordinary, passionate, inspired, creative; one of a kind, they-broke-the-mold-after-they-made-you kind of person.

Back story

You may want to get know me before reading this so I'll refer you to my story. I won't even try to give the full story here but here are some of the highlights.

  • Former church going Christian, now fully alive spiritual explorer.
  • I'm a mom of nine kids: three boys and six girls; all of whom are just plain awesome (yeah, I love my kids). 
  • I home schooled all of them until they reached high school and either graduated or got a GED.
  • I am now divorced after 40 years of marriage which in and of itself is a long long story. I mean, really, who has nine kids, is married for that long and then gets a divorce. Well, I meet more and more ladies who are in the same spot - it's not rare.
  • I started working from home when my husband's parents came to live with us. They each needed caregiving and so I got certified with the state to be their in-home caregiver after which the state paid me. 
  • Once they needed to get more extensive care, they went to a facility so I found myself needing to get income. At that point I found work as a home care aid through a local agency and am currently working for them.
  • I am also working on changing my job to become more static, near home. My agency work takes me all over two counties which is not pleasant for the winter months.
  • And finally, at my very core, I am an entrepreneur. I've been on the internet making a steady income for about 15 years. The income is tiny but enough to prove to me that it can be done. At the writing of this article, I am pushing my boundaries and plan on making a full time income by the time I am at retirement age in five years.

Suffice to say, this blog is an ongoing presentation of my EPIC life story, not that it is particularly outstanding in a famous person kind of way but for me it is the result of many years of growing and changing and losing and gaining; and maybe, just maybe, you'll find something in all of this to inspire you to your own EPICness.

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