Oh, where do I begin? For one thing, you will define EPIC differently from mine. I mean, to me an EPIC life is one that includes exploring traditional foods, designing a tiny home or she shed, growing a lot of my own veg, always poking the box of my beliefs until I realize that that is just what they are - beliefs. I want to be the best me I can be. 

For you it will be different. I mean I sure hope so! What if we all wanted the same things, believed the same things, loved the same things... How boring! Like walking into a buffet and only seeing a carved roast. Like coming to a garden and only seeing red roses. Even if you love roast beef or red roses, you'd have to admit there are other things to make life EPIC.

EPIC lives are part of a varicolored rug that is woven with all colors, intricate patterns. A crazy quilt of beauty! A vegetable garden of everything from lovely arugula to gorgeous zucchini!

An EPIC life allows for differences. It allows for you to be different from one day to the next. It allows others to be different. It allows you to love red but me to love blue. It allows me to love instrumental flute concertos and listening to Home Free but you to love blues or gospel or metal rock.

I believe that to have an EPIC life you must make conscious choices. By that I mean,

  • Getting up early with a light of a passion firing you up. 
  • Choosing food that you love and that loves you back. 
  • Creating and sustaining healthy lifestyle choices like daily movement, fresh air and sunshine, time to relax and meditate, time to explore the infinite (God, Source, Self) whatever you conceive it to be. 
  • It means giving thanks throughout the day and particularly at the end for the many things that happened to and for you - both the good and the not so good.
  • It means that before you go to sleep you ought to have an idea of what you want to accomplish the next day maybe even plan your food if you tend to let your eating habits wander aimlessly.

What is an EPIC life to you? 

About the Author

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